Privacy Policy

Privacy policy for user data protection during transit to server and OCR processing while image to text converter in action.

ImgOCR tool is Free for the public to upload images and extract text from image. This tool uses high-performance Ai transformers to scan and collect Optical characters from image files. It supports more than 100 Languages automatically. It means you don't need to manually mention the image processing language.

What is collected by imgOCR from users?

As the user uploads an image for processing and converts image to text file, it saves in our server. We have set auto cleanup service on our side which cleans all temporary processing residual files daily at 12 'o clock AM UTC.

How did our Privacy policy work for your protection?

As I mentioned earlier images are deleted automatically daily, the same as output files as well. When an image is processed its output temporary file with extracted text is generated. It's also cleaned up automatically daily basis. We never share any data images or processed output files.

Is Google Workspace user details used for personalized purpose?

No, this product is just for educational purpose to helpout students, teachers and other working professionals to enhance their creativity and productivity.

Google workspace details fetched using Auth consent are saved in secured cache files for just auth tokens and files hosting.

We don't use your data for generative AI or AI models training.

So you can feel more secure while using imgOCR because we really cares your content and identity privacy.

If you have a problem with the service, How do approach the webmaster?

if you have any problem with our privacy policy, suggestion for improvement, or bug report, you can write webmaster on info at (e-mail)

Keep Converting your images to Word Doc for Free, Cheers