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    How to Use AI Image to text Converter in Three Steps?

    If you want to extract text from image, or convert them in MS Word Document or Share on Social media Chats, you need to follow these three very easy steps:

    Step 1

    step 1 choose image from device

    Choose Image

    You can Drop the image to the upload area for validation and upload or click on "Browse" to choose the image as well. You Can also upload Image via URL as well.

    Step 2

    step 2 upload into queue and validation for OCR

    Validate and Upload

    You will see selected image will be validated and loaded in queue area, you can delete it as well or submit that uploaded image for AI Processing

    Step 3

    step 3 image to text converter output results after ai ocr

    Ai OCR Results

    Uploaded images will be scanned and converted into plain text. Output is available to save as a Word Doc, share as text, copy to a clipboard, or translate to any other language.

    Available Language Version(s):

    English / Spanish / Russian / German / Indonesian / Italiano

    Features of Image to Text AI Converter

    Let's talk about highlighted features of our image to text converter tool which helps this tool to standout in competition:

    With the help of AI image to text converter, you can make your life easier to get editable images and PDF documents. It's always hard to make changes in image content or scanned PDF documents. But now you can use AI OCR to extract text from PDF without any installation.

    This tool will scan subtitles from movie screenshots and also social media posts to provide you with editable text. So you can use that on your social media, posts, status, study material, or everywhere you want to use as a text.

    I hope you Have Fun With AI Image to Text Converter.

    Let's Explore its Features Deeply.

    Poor and Rough images

    The source image you uploaded might be blurry or low quality, AI Converter will do its booster enhancements and intelligent binary segmentation for clarity. After clarity implementation, its Text converter module will start processing. So sometimes you might face a bit slower response for more blurry and low-quality images.

    Rotated and Tilt Image OCR

    Sometimes users don't care about the orientation of images, or the target area to capture is not straight in the view angle. So in this case you can trust the powers of AI image to text interpreter which does intelligent OCR. It auto-corrects orientation and tilt edge issues in the content picture to extract as much as possible extent correct data.

    Aesthetic and Stylish font detection

    subjected images might have some stylish font style that is not normally used in casual writing. Photo to text Converter can understand stylish and aesthetic fonts. It provides deep detection and generates characters with an accurate depth algorithm.

    Handwritten Notes

    Students usually make notes in their classroom using pen and paper (handwritten). It's always hard to rewrite all content in Microsoft Word documents to digitalize their handwritten notes. Because digital documents are easy to share and backup. So image to text converter using AI will trace handwritten content and make a digitalized document.

    Handwriting Pattren Common Mistakes

    According to OCR accuracy concerns, most users reported issues about handwritten samples are not correctly interpreted by AI OCR. Some of them had committed common mistakes, Let me list them down:

    • Incomplete letters
    • Poor handwriting
    • Not much contrast between paper and ink
    • Unknown and confusing letters
    • Mixed letters without word break
    • Letters hidden with notebook page curls

    Image interpreting using AI is still machine processing, so you need to make it accurate by providing more clear and accurate input for digitizing content. So you are encouraged to avoid these common mistakes to enhance your accuracy chances.

    Old pages and Manuscripts

    when you find old images and manuscripts from your briefcase a decade ago you have written or received. You can digitalize them by taking photos from your phone's camera and uploading them to extract text from image using AI,

    Extract Text From Image User Analysis Results

    We have recently conducted user analysis on different devices under different environments and internet connections. We have made a table of activity records to helps you to understand the efficiency report of image to text converter by

    Image Type Validation & Upload Submit Response time OCR Results Estimated File Size Accuracy Connection Overall Remarks By Users
    Digital Screenshot by phone/desktop 0.1s 0.2s 2.3s 1.2MB 99% 4G Mobile Job Done Very Precisely, as it is text extracted
    Camera photo by mobile phone 1.5s 1.2s 3.2s 2.4MB 94% 4G Mobile non-fucus or shaky area struggles, The results are good
    Scanned handwriting sample 1.2s 1.3s 3.2s 2.2MB 92% 4G Modem Wifi Struggle under low light and filter applied photos
    PDF non-editable document 2.1s 2.0s 4.5s 4MB 95% 4G Modem Wifi Ming blowing results with pdf format keeping


    Image Translator in Any Language

    A stunning feature has been added. Now you can use image translator to convert extracted text from an image into 90+ languages in just a single Tap of a Button.

    • After getting output from the image your text will be able to be translated into other languages
    • Just Tap on the "Translate" button it will open a "Translate Manager" popup
    • Choose a language from the Dropdown and Press 'Translate'
    • You Will get Translated Output Ready To Copy with a Single Tap

    translate image to text ocr step1

    This is how the Translate button will appear below the output of extracted text from the image. You can Start Translation Manager by pressing this button.

    translate image to text ocr step2

    now inside Translation Manager, you will see your Output Text as target text and a target language dropdown where you can select the language to get translated output.

    translate image to text ocr step3

    Once you press the "Translate" button you will get "Translated Text" Now you can copy that translated text and paste it anywhere else. 👍

    Ensure Accuracy

    image to text converter ensures the accuracy of text extraction with minimum data loss during OCR processing. It uses generative AI OCR models to ensure human-friendly optimized and filtered output text without special characters.

    Devices Support

    you can extract from images using any device you have. This image to text converter works on Laptop, PC, Tablet, Mobile and Desktop without any restriction. All you have to use any browser to access this tool.

    Easy Flexible Interface

    It is an effortless, flexible, and user-friendly interface through devices like desktops, mobile, and now as well as API Interface as well published—better accuracy and OCR Processing than ChatGPT image to text converter.

    Usable Output

    AI will extract text from image progressively using intelligent segmentation models. You will be able to save the output as a TXT file or MS Word Doc file. Or simply you can Copy extracted text from an image with just a single click.

    Image To Text Ai Converter Benefits & Applications

    Various benefits and areas of daily life where you can apply image to text converter using AI to make life easier. Suppose is best for students, office, medical, and many other areas of interest. Let's explore them each one by one in detail.

    Your bookshelf includes hardcopy books, handwritten notes, manuscripts, and notebooks. Your phone storage might be filled with lots of images taken from the internet, or captured from mobile which contains text but is not editable.

    Don't Worry!

    Now you have an AI Image to Text Converter tool, which digitalizes your important image content as an editable document.

    Image to Text Prompt Generator

    In the digital era of Artificial intelligence, you might see Facebook reels, YouTube shorts, or TikTok video content where creators show you some ChatGPT or Generative AI like Google Bard prompts. Which is not mentioned in its description, or caption. or it might be possible you cannot select and copy text from the video caption or description (in case it is mentioned).

    The solution is simple, you can take a screenshot of that moment to get prompt text visible in the video. Save it as an image in your mobile phone gallery and upload it to our to get a prompt text extracted from the image screenshot. This is how you can have the power of AI image to text prompt generator from video screenshots.

    Comics Text Extract and Translate

    Many people like to read and enjoy comics but mostly Chinese and Korean comics are interesting. So they always have a problem understanding or reading other language texts. Using Image to text converter this problem is resolved. Now you all have to capture comic images or screenshots to upload on imgOCR to get its translated text in your language.


    Sometimes you might like a good quote or a post on your social media and you take a screenshot. But here problem is you are not able to send images into SMS. Now the Problem is Resolved just convert your image to text using AI and just share your text as SMS.

    Facebook and X-Twitter Post Caption

    When you designed a post using an image editor and posted it on Facebook or Twitter, you forgot to back up its source. You face trouble reusing text as a caption. As a Solution, take a screenshot of your image from Facebook or Twitter and extract text using image to text converter. Finally, copy text and paste to make a new post as caption text.

    (Confidential) Messenger Chat

    You might had screenshots of chats about personal and business discussions. you can extract text from chat screenshots as well without leaking or exposing your confidential messages. OCR processing on ImgOCR is highly protective during transit and conversion as well. Encryption and instant removal of residual files after sudden processing happened.

    WhatsApp Status

    Image and Video status take some time to load on the poor network. So many users prioritize text status on WhatsApp. because it loads faster. So you can copy text from WhatsApp status easily. After getting the output text you will able to put it on status or send it as a message to others.

    Instagram Story & Reels

    If you are an Instagram Content creator you can create your own stories and Reels using Text from other creators' images. 

    1. Take a Screenshot of a post you like on another creator's profile.
    2. upload to "Image to text AI" converter
    3. after "Submit" and AI processing you will get Extracted text.
    4. Copy your result text or directly share on Insta Story from the "Share" Button

    Assignment Document

    If you are a student, you might find informational and educational content in lecture notes videos, YouTube videos, Social media Image posts, and PowerPoint slide images. Directly you can't use this non-editable content in your homework assignments.

    You can simply pause the video and take a screenshot. upload that screenshot to extract its text. Finally, save the output as MS Word Document. Now you have editable Text you can use in your digital Assignments.

    Email Copywriting

    If you are a digital marketer, you might have to post some text data but you have an Infographic PDF which is not editable. No Problem!
    Now you can also Convert PDF to Word Document and get an editable version of PDF in Word Docx Document to enhance your business outreach email copywriting.

    Programming Code

    if you are a developer and seeking help from YouTube or other development courses where you want to replicate a code visible in the source video. You can use the snipping tool to make a screenshot and upload it to extract programming code from the image.

    Study Notes

    If you are a researcher, you come across a lot of study material in books, research papers, and media papers for general, political, scientific, linguistics, and other knowledge domain sources. You capture images from your phone and upload them to extract text from camera photos. Converted text will be editable and usable for your research study notes.

    Billing, Invoice, and Receipt

    If you are a business owner, you might have many PDF attachments in your emails, or day book register ledger records you want to make editable in Word document. You can upload an image or PDF of your billing invoice or receipt to extract text from it and save it as a Word document.

    How Image to Text Converter enhance productivity?

    In the digital era, visual content exponentially got popularity, because people pick someone else most liked content and edit it in their way.

    It's normal to pick someone else content that you liked most and also make some creative enhancements to it to contribute your content. But in visual content, you have a single option to make it editable from images like screenshots.

    image to text converter

    You take screenshots, Extract text content from images, and edit with your idea to post among your fanbase community or social media audience.

    Image to text converter will help you in the following effective ways:

    1. it helps you to Remove physical files from your office table which takes up a lot of space, by digitizing them in editable documents.
    2. It will make more room for your other productive equipment in the office which is productive in terms of work progress.
    3. If You like any content idea from other's content you can make it editable in a Word document and enhance it with your creativity.

    In short, I can say photo to text converter is the best choice for you because it will save you precious time to invest in productive tasks. It will minimize document digitizing errors and maximize accuracy. It reduced your manual document editing time overhead.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Let's explore What people ask about Image to Text ai converter!

    1. Is there an AI that converts images to text?

      #1 best choice of users, Only You can Extract text from image faster, accurately, without registration and credit card or payment.

    2. What is the free AI tool to read text from image?

      our is the best free AI Tool that read text from image with deep accuracy. You can save output as Word Editable Document as well.

    3. What is the AI model for image to text?

      The best model widely used is Machine Learning Ai Vision, which scans text from images using segmentation technology.

    4. What is Image to Text?

      Image to text is a Artificial intelligence powered OCR tool. It takes PNG, JPG, or PDF and scan characters to build an output text.

    5. How can I convert image to text?

      You need to just follow three simple steps to convert image to text: 1. upload or drop image into the tool area. 2. when your image is validated and visible in queue, Press -Submit- button 3. Ai will generate extracted text output, which you can save as word or copy to a clipboard.

    6. Is that Image to text ai free to use?

      Yes, you don't need any credit card or payment to extract text from images in bulk with single click.

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