Terms & Conditions

A general terms of services and conditions for users about this image to text converter project as a public online free tool.

Img OCR tool is built for Educational assistance Purposes application. The focus is to help office persons and students in their daily work.

Why Image to Text Ai Service is free of charge?

We use AI-trained models in this hobby project with the great collaboration and participation of Google Vision API and Transformers Tesseract Engine. Its a Hobby project.

is that 100% uptime service?

As i mentioned, it's a hobby project, so we might work on that in the future to make it more stable. As a user, you might face downtime as well during debugging and development time. We don't promise that this system will always remain the same or provide the same features as it is.

More Over if you have any privacy concerns you can read our Privacy Policy as well for this tool.