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Photo OCR

Photo To Text Converter

Upload your camera taken photos which contain text content, it will extract text from photo with accuracy.

Paste, Drop or Browse Images to Upload

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    Convert Photo to Text in Three Steps

    With the power of OCR you can extract text from photo using simple steps:

    First Step

    step 1 choose image from device

    Upload Photo

    Select your photo by Browse, or drop on upload area, You can also fetch external image from URL input to upload in the queue.

    Second Step

    step 2 upload into queue and validation for OCR

    Uploads Queue

    successfully validated photos will be visible in the queue to -Submit- for further processing by OCR. You can also remove any wrong uploaded file from the queue easily.

    Third Step

    step 3 image to text converter output results after ai ocr

    Text Output

    OCR will return the output after scanning and converting a photo to text. It will be available to copy, save as a Word Doc, or directly share on social media.

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    Features of Photo to Text Converter

    learn about how photo to text converter provide accurate OCR results without any restriction.

    Usually, you capture many photos from your camera phone, or handy devices like a cam, Android phone, iPhone, Tablet PC, or Laptop webcam. These photos might contain some text content that you want to make editable.

    But now can you Extract text from Photo to make it Editable without losing accuracy?

    Language Support

    You don't need to worry about content in your photo in any language. This Photo to text converter supports almost every language of Earth without any prior selection or manual input. Its OCR Engine automatically scans every language content and generates accurate characters block for them as output.

    One Click Translate

    when you get text extracted from your uploaded photo you will have a one click feature to translate that text into any other language. You can copy and paste it anywhere.

    Stylish Fonts Detection

    If your photo contains some special font face or stylish font families it will be also extracted accurately as text. It generates an OCR scheme based on shapes and symbols to recognize characters.

    Lossless enhancements

    in case of poor light, grains, blurry text, or smudgy patches in taken photos, most OCR software struggle with inaccurate results. But This Photo to text converter provides intelligent enhancements for photos to detect best accurate characters.

    Editable .doc and Notepad .txt

    You can save extracted text from photos easily as an Editable Word Document (Doc) or Notepad text file. It's just one click to save to the device without any platform or device restriction.

    No Register No Login

    It's a public free tool for everyone without making any registration, or account to login. You can use this photo to text converter on any device with the help of a web browser.

    No App Installation

    You don't need to install any application or add on plugins or extensions to extract text from picture. You all have to open this OCR converter in your web browser and enjoy picture to text conversion without any limit.


    Photo to text converter start OCR processing and extract text from picture 3x faster with accuracy

    No Limits

    You can queue 5 images in one go without any daily or monthly limit to extract text from photos.

    User Friendly

    very easy to navigate and dark mode support to provide an intuitive interface for everyone, especially nontechy users.


    Text extracted from picture is available for you to save on your device with a single click to reuse anywhere and anytime.

    Where Photo To Text Converter Used?

    Lets explore some daily life benefits and usage of this converter tool that how it can make our life easier by extracting text from picture and use it on different places with just a single click.

    Product Labels

    Look around you - there could be product boxes, labels, or packing boxes nearby. Simply snap a photo, and our tool will extract the text for you. You can then save it as editable text right on your device. It's a convenient way to keep track of important info!


    While driving or riding a bike you might see some important text on signboards you can capture them in a camera and extract text for social media share or any other medium like printing.

    Street signs

    Most street signs nowadays have words on them. So, if you need to fill out a form with your street name, just snap a photo of the sign and use our tool to extract the text. No need to type it all out yourself! It's a quick and easy way to get the info you need.

    Shop Boards

    You're out shopping, and you spot a great deal or discount on a store sign. No need to squint or jot down details! Just snap a photo with your phone and use our image to text converter. It quickly turns the words on the sign into plain text you can read and use. It's like having your personal OCR translator for shop signs!

    Book Pages

    You can make your book as digital document with edit and word processing support. Just take photo of book pages to upload on OCR converter and get extracted text from book page picture.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    People also ask about some common questions like that below:

    1. How do I make text from a picture?

      Using you can extract text from image using Advance OCR Converter.

    2. is Photo to Text Converter Free?

      Yes, Photo to text converter is 100% free of Cost.

    3. Do i need Registration Or Signup for Photo Text?

      No, You can convert Photo to text without signup or registration.

    4. Do i need credit card for photo to text?

      No, It's free of cost OCR photo to text service for everyone.

    5. is there any limit for photo to text convert?

      Yes, currently we are on Beta testing mode and allow only 5 Photos Advance OCR per submission.

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