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Editable PDF

Convert PDF to Word Editable Docx

Upload your PDF file for secure OCR processing and receive a formatted Word Docx file.

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How Does PDF to Word Converter Generate Editable Docx?

Let's learn about simple three steps to convert PDF to editable document quickly:

Step 1

Choose PDF

You can tap or click on "Browse", and choose PDF from Device it will show the selected PDF name Here.

Step 2

Upload PDF

after pressing the "submit" button wait a while, PDF converter will start Conversion to Editable Docx.

Step 3

Save Docx

You will have success button to save editable Word document in just single click.

Features of PDF to WORD Converter

How AI Helps you to Convert PDF to Word Easily?

Time is an important signal for productive results. You are facing difficulty with static PDF files. No matter if it's related to your office work, homework assignments, or classwork presentations, It will be always hard to manage noneditable files.

But Now You Have the Power to Convert PDF to Word Document!

Which Power?

It's the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to do efficient and accurate OCR processing for static PDF files.

Security and Confidential Processing

if you want to process your professional or authorized PDFs of your office or institute, this converter will extract text and do encrypted results. Simply, I can say that PDF to word conversion will encrypt your output and also remove source files after processing from the server. So there is no data breach Risk.

PDF Notes To Editable Document

Students collect PDF learning material from their schools, colleges, and Universities. They face problems in making assignments and using editable lessons in text documents So, now all problems are resolved using PDF to word converter to make editable educational notes.

Make your Official Circulars and Notices Editable

if you are working at your office and you received a circular or a notice via email, or post mail, You can make it editable and digital. You can just upload it to a PDF converter and it will output you a Word Document and also copy and paste text as well.

Online OCR Hindi PDF to WORD

Popularly hindi language students might face more problems while collecting their study material. So in that particular case, this PDF to Word Converter supports Hindi language characters automatically. You don't need to select or manually tell OCR to interpret or extract text in Hindi language. It will do OCR scanning for all kind of hindi characters, symbols and writing styles as much as possible extent of trained datasets. This PDF to word editable converter supports almost every language of the earth to interpret and generate editable WORD file.

Quick Convert

As soon as you upload your PDF to convert it as an MS Word File, the AI engine starts processing. AI OCR make segmentation and generate Text output.

Adaptive PDF Quality

No matter whether your input PDF file is based on image pages or static text content. AI OCR will automatically recognize segments of text and interpret corresponding language characters.

Accurate Ai PDF OCR

AI helps users to do adaptive PDF content interpretation. it simply means the user uploaded each PDF file scanned with a faster AI vision model and converted into detected text.

Global Language Support

AI pdf to word converter supports almost every language of the world. No matter whether your text is written in English, Latin, German, Australian, Brazilian, Russian, Tamil, Chinese, Hindi, etc. It will Generate Accurate Output for every language.

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Public Asking About PDF to WORD


  1. Does PDF to Word Converter need API Key?

    No, You just need to upload your PDF file application will do convert without API Key.

  2. Can i convert PDF to Word without login?

    Yes, there is not login required to convert PDF file to editable word document.

  3. Can i convert Educational PDF document to word?

    Yes, you can convert your school, college, and university assignment PDF to a Text document word file.

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