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PNG to Word Converter

Upload PNG image, it will be converted into editable Ms Word File as text. You can Copy or save on your device.

Paste, Drop or Browse Images to Upload

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    How png to word converter works?

    In simple three (3) steps you can convert your image to text using PNG to Word OCR Converter, Lets explore one by one.

    Step 1

    step 1 choose image from device

    Upload PNG

    Tap or Click on the upload area, Drop PNG or you can also load external images by URL as well in uploading processing & and Validation.

    Step 2

    step 2 upload into queue and validation for OCR

    Batch Queue

    When your uploaded image is validated by security check it will be loaded into batch OCR Queue and ready for further processing.

    Step 3

    step 3 image to text converter output results after ai ocr

    Extracted Results

    When you submit batch queue for processing you will have to wait for a moment to OCR processing. after loader ends it will deliver you text output with multiple options to share, save or copy output text

    Available Language Version(s):

    English / Spanish / Russian

    Special Features of PNG to Word Converter

    In this section you will learn about features of PNG image OCR which preserve accuracy and consistency of data during conversion to provide best output

    PNG to Word Converter is powered by the best OCR engine which produces image scanning, segmentation, character outlining, and character generation to form a string text as output with accuracy.

    Here you will have several features that attract you to use this converter without any hustle, let's explore them one by one:

    Ensures Accuracy and Efficiency

    Our tool accurately turns your PNG images into editable Word documents, making sure there are very few mistakes in the OCR process. It's quick and gets the job done right away.

    Image Compatibility

    Whether it’s a photo of a person with text, a scanned document, or a screenshot, our converter works with all kinds of PNG images. Even if your image has blurry, smudged, or missing characters, it can still handle it effectively. This makes it a reliable tool for extracting text from various types of images. It ensures output will be accurate and clear to understandable for you.

    Editable Word Output

    Once your image is converted, you get a Word document (as doc or docx) that you can easily edit. Keep the formatting, layout, and special characters intact for hassle-free editing.

    File Keeping and Sharing

    Save your converted Word files on your device or share output text directly with others effortlessly with a button tap. You can even store them in the clipboard for copy-paste or save them as a notepad text file.

    User Interface and Ease of Use

    Our app is super easy to use. Just upload your image, and we'll take care of the rest. No fancy technical stuff—everything is straightforward and clean to use.

    Accessibility and Cross-Platform Compatibility

    You can access our tool from any device—whether it's a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It works on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android, so you're covered no matter what you use.

    Security and Privacy

    Your privacy and security are our top priorities. We use the latest encryption and protection measures to keep your data safe throughout the conversion process. Our tool never caches your images on the server before and after processing. As soon as text is extracted from a PNG image its source is cleaned from the processing engine.

    Translate Extracted Text

    This feature is especially useful for translating high-quality PNG images. PNG images are often used because they provide clear and detailed visuals. With, you can accurately translate the text in these images, making it easy to understand content in different languages. This is particularly helpful for studying, traveling, or exploring new information from around the world.

    No Login, No Register

    our tool is free of cost and also you don't need to make an account to use this tool. You can convert your PNG to Word editable files without logging or installing any application. it's a complete web application you can use online from any device without any restrictions.

    Accurate PNG

    The PNG image is enhanced before tracing characters and compiling the text output. In the case of blurry and rough PNG images, an accuracy of 99% was achieved in the results.

    PNG Quality

    It supports various qualities of PNG images because it switches between devices and sources. Images saved on social media and the internet are in compressed image quality and the PNG screenshot is in raw quality.

    Simple interface

    PNG to Word Convert is based on simple interface elements. It has an upload area and after sending PNG it will have an output area to save and copy the output text.

    Clean Output Text

    The results of PNG to Word and Text Convert are sanitized text strings. Special characters and symbols are encoded correctly so that they are available in Microsoft WORD or Google Docs correctly.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. how to convert png to word?

      Using our png to word converter tool you nee to upload PNG image and it will be converted into editable word document

    2. Can I convert a PNG to Word?

      Yes, using you can upload your png image it's OCR generates Text editable Word Document file for you.

    3. Can PNG be converted to DOCX?

      Yes, using you can upload PNG it will generate docx file to save on your device free.

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