How AI can Convert Image to text? Free Tool + Guide

AI Image to text processing provides accurate faster results to digitalize your blurry and poor images.

How AI can Convert Image to text? Free Tool + Guide

In our daily routine, we capture many photos using a camera or sometimes save good content images from social media. However, there are some information barriers we face while sharing this image content with others.

"You can't send images in an SMS"

This is an actual problem when you have an informational or important message in an image, but you don't have a way to spread it to others as a text message.

Let me tell you a detailed method to convert your image to text using some simple steps so that you will have your image content as shareable and editable text.

How AI Convert Image to Text? (History vs AI)

In the past OCR (Optical Character Recognition) was not too mature and accurate. In early 1914, the first OCR device was built by Emanuel Goldberg which was used for text scanning to standard telegraph code. But it was only a specific machine for telegraph purposes and centric only for the English language specifically.

What is the Difference between OCR and AI OCR?

OCR is a technology that is used to trace characters from a source page in hard copy. It will generate text output in a digital way to save and manipulate in digital devices. For example, an OCR machine is used to read the Bank Check leaflet to accommodate transactions.

Here you can learn about several common and advanced types of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) methods as follows:

  • Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR) scans handwritten or unrefined texts, and it's commonly found in mobile applications.
  • Optical Word Recognition (OWR) accurately recognizes written or typed text through various devices.
  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) represents the more sophisticated, AI-driven version of OCR and is prevalent in applications, web-based platforms, and desktop applications.
  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) is similar to OCR, but it's designed to identify human-made marks, such as checkmarks, cross marks, circle filling, or other distinctive patterns on paper.

While OCR technology has undergone significant evolution over the past century, it has now reached a state of near perfection.

Nowadays, OCR programs heavily rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI), which effectively enhances the legibility of potentially messy readings and transforms them into the intended words.

Now in the current Era of Artificial intelligence, AI OCR technology has evolved in a way to support almost every language in the world. It also supports images and PDFs as input to process and generate output.

How does AI OCR Work?

Legacy OCR was specific but not AI OCR is broad, intelligent, and more accurate. It has the power to convert images like PNG to Word, JPG to WORD, and PDF to WORD as well.

Here I’m going to show you how you can step by step convert images to digital and editable Word documents.

  1. You can Drop your image to upload, or Simply Click on the Placeholder to open the file manager dialogue box.

    upload image to text converter step 1
  2. Choose and wait for a moment to validate and upload your image. (You can extract text from 5 images bulk using “” Free AI OCR Service)

    submit image to text ai converter step 2
  3. You will have uploaded the image under the placeholder and submit button, after you Hit the Submit button AI OCR processing will be started.

    process ai image to text converter
  4. Finally, you will get Text Output and some Actions buttons to save the output as a Word document, Notepad Text File, share directly to social media, Translate Output Text to Other languages, and Copy Text to Clipboard to paste anywhere.

    ai ocr output image to text converter

You have successfully extracted text from the image using ai OCR with high accuracy.

Features of AI Image to Text Converter

In the past OCR input must be specifically added in a specific orientation and must be in good quality of readability.

But for AI OCR, all will be done by AI Converter itself.

Adaptive Orientation Scan

No matter whether your input image is in portrait or landscape. Ai OCR will apply orientation fixing before applying the OCR scan. It will generate a correct output of characters.

Poor or Blurry Quality Image

Rugged and blurred low-quality images are also tried to enhance by AI to recognize as much as possible accurate text output.

Language Intelligence

If source image content is written in any other language instead of English, it will be also interpreted and processed. Ai image to text converter supports almost 60+ Human Languages.

Adaptive Image mime type

The image usually captured by the camera is saved in JPG and also downloaded from social media. But you take a screenshot it is saved in PNG file type. No matter it’s file is tiff, jpg, png, jiff, or JPG.

Easy Translation to Other Languages

Image o text converter output text is directly with a single click translation supported to 60+ languages. You can get your English language text output in Spanish, German, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, and other regional languages.

Share To social media

Output text is ready for click to share directly on your social media, SMS, or sticky notes app. You can just click the share button when output is available, and it will show you to share a dialogue with available apps on your device.


OCR technology is changed with the help of Artificial intelligence. It saves time, Saves the physical space of books, makes hard copies editable, and digitalizes your documents.

Accuracy is a key in AI OCR image to text converter. Intelligent image processing and enhancement using AI provide more accurate output of language processing.

Go with an AI Image to text converter for Less effort and more productive results.

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