Convert PNG to Word Editable OCR

Online convert png to word editable document by extracting text from image and save as docx file.

Convert PNG to Word Editable OCR

In the current digital era, Visual content is most popular, and people also want to convert PNG to Word document in editable format. Directly, PNG images are non-editable. But OCR helps to extract text from images using the intelligent engine.

In this article, I will let you know about how you can turn your screenshot PNG into an editable Word document specifically focusing on, a free tool designed to convert PNG to Word accurately.

What is PNG and How it's processed via OCR?

PNG stands for portable network graphics. This is a very high-quality image type that also supports a transparent background. To deliver low-size but high-resolution content in image applications use PNG file format. 

What is OCR?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognization. This is an intelligent engine that scans binary objects from PNG and converts them into digital letters to generate final text strings. Your hard copy documents you can make them editable by just taking a photo of them.

Do You Know ImgOCR?

I am sure you want to make your life easier by digitizing your pile of documents in your office, or study area notes.

Let's meet with your best friend to convert your non-editable PNG image to a fully editable Word Docx Document.

It uses a behind-the-scenes very sharp, intelligent, and pre-trained OCR engine that automatically scans text objects from PNG images and converts it into editable digital text.

Why do you need to Edit PNG Screenshot text using ImgOCR?

Here are some highlighted reasons you must have to know them all as follow:

  • It's a free Service
  • Bulk PNG OCR queue
  • No registration required
  • No need to download or install software
  • Payment or credit card not needed
  • High accuracy fewer error chances
  • Faster conversion with binary segments
  • Not Only PNG, it supports all popular image types
  • Support Multilangual image content processing
  • Poor quality or Handwritten text understanding

Let's Dive a bit deeper to know about how it works.

Step By Step Convert PNG to Word using OCR

What's New in imgOCR?

Legacy OCR technology was used to recognize text based on a specific set of predefined fonts and characters of a single language.

But with our Robust OCR technology, you can convert any kind of PNG image that contains multiple language content, or any type of handwritten or stylish font used for content. It can intelligently scan, interpret, and generate accurate editable Word output.

Convert PNG to Word Editable

How to Use Online OCR (It's Easy!)

If you want to use Online OCR to turn a PNG picture to Word document, here are simple steps::

  1. go to, and load the image via Browse or URL input
  2. once it's validated and loaded in Queue, Hit the Submit Button For OCR Processing.
  3. Out text will be available to save as a Word Document and Also in other ways to share with One Tap.

Making Life Easier

Online imgOCR is like a superhero to convert PNG to Word Editable.

It helps you to turn pictures into Words. You can convert your image anywhere, anytime with any device you have. It's openly available to iOS, Android, iPhone Windows, and Mac as well.

Whether you want to change old paper stuff into digital stuff, take words from pictures, or just work faster, Online AI OCR can help.

In the end, Online AI OCR saves you time and digitalizes your documents perfectly. It's easy to use, so why not give it a try?

Frequently Asked Questions

To convert a PNG file to an editable Word document using, simply visit the website, upload your PNG image, and let our intelligent OCR technology process the text. Once the conversion is complete, you can download the extracted text as an editable Word document.

Converting PNG to editable Word is easy with Navigate to the website, upload your PNG image, and let our advanced OCR algorithms intelligently recognize and extract the text. After processing, download the resulting Word document and start editing your text seamlessly. specializes in converting images to editable text, but it doesn't support the conversion of Word documents to PNG. It's designed to extract text from images like PNG and provide it in a Word document or text notepad file for easy editing. is a free service for converting PNG to Word. Simply visit the website, upload your PNG image, and enjoy the intelligent extraction of text. The resulting Word document is available for free download, providing a cost-effective solution for your text conversion needs.