How To Copy Text From PDF? [Guide for Office & Students]

Complete Guide on how to copy text from PDF for students and office documents to make them digital and editable with accuracy.

How To Copy Text From PDF? [Guide for Office & Students]

These are very common questions to know about how to copy text from PDF among students and office workers. PDF files and documents commonly exist in academic and professional environments to share information, references, circulation of announcements, reports, summaries, data analysis, results, mark sheets, and assignments.

For Office Use, making editable PDFs provides the ability to share final audit reports generated from data, worksheets, and other financial documents. Sometimes a minor mistake in PDF can cause a big business impact. To ensure the accuracy of business documents, office workers need to extract Data from PDFs and maintain correct output without rework or manual data entry.

For students, extracting text from PDFs is essential for research for assignments, studying or summarizing content for exams, and citations for academic papers. The ability to copy text accurately from PDFs is the most important step for them because they can save their time for study instead of rewriting manually non-editable content.

Why Can't Copy Text From PDF? [Common Challenges]

Here i feel some common issues users face while they try to extract text from PDF using OCR. Let's discuss them one by one so you can understand and resolve those issues in your case

Text Formatting Issues

The most common problem is with text formatting which is not supported or not commonly used, like stylish font families, random font size, art design font style, and content layouts.

So it's hard for OCR converters to understand the formatting of such PDF content to convert the same clone because the basic purpose of OCR is to identify text and generate accurate characters so it does this job properly.

Complex structures and layouts are mostly not properly converted well like tables, columns, nested columns, or rows.

Scanned Document PDF or Image

Scanned documents struggle more during OCR processing because they might have paper wrap curls, smudges, torn pieces, or blurry content areas. So it might be possible accuracy will be low in the result of OCR output.

Password Protected PDF

Without permission or authorized access, you can't see PDF content which is actively protected with a password. So it's obvious that the OCR tool is unable to copy content from such files easily. Copy text from password protected PDF is not possible until you have its password or it's unprotected copy.

PDF Compatibility Issue

Sometimes PDFs created from software might have different export formatting or encoding schemes, which is directly not accepted by OCR Software. Due to incompatibility issues, there might be output inconsistency and data redundancy occurred.

Needs to Copy text From PDF

I am going to cover both areas of usage like office needs and student needs separately one by one.

Office Needs and Requirements

  • Incorporating data into reports: Office staff mostly used to copy text from tables, charts, or statistics data from PDF reports, financial statements, or data sheets. The main purpose of them is to use this editable data in their reports or presentations. For example, a marketing analyst may need to copy statistical data from a market research report to create a presentation for a Customer demo.
  • Editing and revising documents: To edit or revise PDF documents such as contracts, proposals, or policy manuals. For instance, a human resources manager may need to extract sections of an employee handbook from a PDF to update the content with new policies or procedures.
  • Responding to circulars or memos: Office administrators may need to copy text from circulars, memos, or official communication PDF Documents. For example, copying text from a memo announcing a company-wide policy change to draft an email explaining the implications to staff.

Student's Needs and Requirements To Copy Text From a PDF

  • Research assignments: Students often need to extract information from scholarly articles, research papers, or academic journals for research assignments or literature reviews. For instance, a student writing a paper on climate change may need to copy data or quotes from scientific studies to support their arguments.
  • Completing submission forms: Students may need to copy information from PDF submission forms for various purposes such as scholarship applications, course registrations, or internship applications. For example, copying personal details from a PDF scholarship application form to an online application portal.
  • Creating citations: When citing sources in academic papers or presentations, students need to accurately copy text from PDFs to include quotations or paraphrased information in their references. For instance, copying a passage from a historical document in a PDF to cite it in a history research paper.

Needs in Different Areas Of Finance and Education

  • Extracting data from financial statements: Accountants or financial analysts may need to copy financial data, such as balance sheets or income statements, from PDF documents for analysis or reporting purposes.
  • Copying text from legal documents: Legal professionals may need to extract clauses, contracts, or case citations from legal briefs, court opinions, or legislative documents in PDF format for legal research or drafting legal documents.
  • Referencing technical manuals: Engineers or technical professionals may need to copy technical specifications, diagrams, or troubleshooting instructions from PDF manuals or technical documents for reference or training purposes.

How To Copy Text From a PDF? Step by Step

Here I am going to tell you how you can utilize the power of an intelligent OCR system. ImgOCR provides you with the Best Free OCR service to extract text from PDF. You can use PDF to Word Converter to make editable Word Documents without any effort.

Let's understand the whole process step by step:

  • Open 'PDF to Word Converter' and You will see the upload area

    step one to choose image from files
  • Tap to choose your PDF file and press "Submit"

    step 2 submit pdf to convert

  • After validation of your PDF, it will be started to convert it into an editable Word Document

    final step to save output document

  • In a couple of seconds you will have a Green success Button to Save your Editable File on your device in a single Click.

This is how you can easily make your non-editable PDF into an editable word document in seconds.

Benefits for Everyone

You have tons of benefits according to my point of view, but some of them i will tell you that you can:

  • Save your time instead of manually rewriting or composing the whole document.
  • Less effort and energy are consumed in this automatic conversion processing using OCR, so you can spend more energy in studies or work.
  • Achieve High accuracy with intelligent OCR processing instead of manual human mistakes.
  • Convert Anywhere, Anytime without any restriction because it's an online tool so you can avail on any device.
  • Use without registration or Payment for OCR services, it's free of cost for the public.

At Last

I just want to say that is your Powerpack tool that can minimize your work overhead in your professional or academic environment. Due to the intelligent OCR system, now you have the power to make editable PDFs quickly ensuring accuracy and formatting.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can extract text from PDF using and save it as an editable Word Document. You can open in MS Word to copy and paste text easily.

if you have password of secured PDF you can export it as PDF using any PDF reader and upload to imgocr to convert into editable word document. so you can copy text from a secured pdf easily

When you upload your noneditable PDF file to it will generate an editable Word Document. you can save on your device and open it in word processing software to copy text easily

Basically PDF file is non editable specially with scanned documents you can not copy text from image or PDF of image. in this case you simple need to convert your PDF to Text using and you can make your pdf to Editable word document.