Edit Screenshot Text Online: Easy OCR Guide for Any Device

Learn how to edit screenshot text online using OCR on any device, including iPhone, Mac, iOS, and Android. Follow our step-by-step guide!

Edit Screenshot Text Online: Easy OCR Guide for Any Device

In daily routine, you can Extract and edit screenshot text online which you have taken while surfing social media.

Usually, you find the very best content on social media like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, or stories, and spotlights. But you can’t save it or copy it as a text to edit according to your wish.

Now you have magical powers with imgocr.com to edit screenshot on Mac, iPhone, android, laptop, or Windows PC also it’s supported on iOS as well.

It’s a very easy-to-use and seamless way to extract text from screenshots and save it as Word Docx to perform editing and formatting.

How to Edit Screenshot Text Online Step-by-Step?

Extracting text from your screenshot images is easier like a jam on bread.

But first I want to introduce you to our Robust friend which performs that OCR text extract task efficiently and accurately.


Meet ImgOCR

When you feel stuck in non-editable content in image, www.imgOcr.com came into action. It’s a best ideal solution for converting image text into editable format.

How it Works? Steps to Follow

It’s extract text from image intelligently and generate notepad text file, Word Docx file and also make plain text to copy and share with one click. You can edit screenshot text with three easy steps, Let’s learn about them one by one:

upload screenshot from device

  1. Goto imgocr.com, and upload your screenshot image by “Browse
  2. (optionally) You can also upload remote images from URL as well
  3. Wait for validation and load in the queue, once it’s available to queue, press the “submit” button
  4. Intelligent OCR starts processing and returns Editable Output.
  5. You can save it to your device as notepad text or Word Docx file, and also you can share it on social media apps directly.

upload queue for bulk upload screenshots

You can perform steps easily on your all devices. You can edit screenshot text on iPhone as well using the following steps:

  • Open your any web browser, chrome or Safari, go to imgocr.com
  • Tap on the upload area ‘Browse’ and choose screenshot image from iPhone Photos, and tap Done,
  • It will validate and upload to the queue, you can submit it for OCR processing.
  • After a moment you will have editable text extracted from the iPhone screenshot.

editable output text from screenshot


That’s all, a very simple and quick way to extract and edit screenshot text on iOS devices.

Advantages of Extract Editable Text from Screenshot

You cannot deny the convenience of online editable text extraction from images.

With imgOCR.com, You have the independence to edit screenshot text directly in any browser.

You don’t need to download, install, or register any software or app on your device. It saves you important time to enhance your productivity 5x more than expected.

You also have open availability anywhere, anytime to make quick edits without interruptions or distractions.

The best thing is that the tool is free of cost and you can extract text from image using intelligent OCR engine without any registration.

benefits of edit screenshot text online

Stunning Interface

Imgocr.com provides very friendly interface for all types of user. Easy to access navigation and tool area. Very soothing color scheme which is also viewable for color blind and special peoples.

Its interface contain some highlighted components like:

  • Dark Mode
  • Drag and drop upload
  • Tap to upload

Quality Output Accessibility

You will have self-explanatory output area elements, which provide easy to access image to text converter results.

You can perform the following operations seamlessly like:

  • Output saved to device
  • Output share to social media
  • Output text translate to another language
  • Output text from screenshot copy to clipboard

Advance Tool to Edit Screenshot Text Online

As mentioned earlier, it’s an intelligent tool to perform OCR on images to extract text from them accurately.

Here, I mean to say intelligent in terms of the following essential and versatile features:

  1. Multilingual Processing:
    if your screenshot content has multiple languages, it will be scanned and extracted in the same way with accuracy.
  2. Handwritten content:
    Your uploaded image contains handwritten text, it will be also converted into digital and editable text output intelligently.
  3. Blurry and Rough quality image
    Poor-quality images with blurry and rough text content on it also intelligently enhanced and scanned for accurate text output. It might take some more seconds to ensure the accuracy of digital characters.

Anywhere, Anytime Flexibility

There no service barriers, you can edit screenshot text anywhere in the world and anytime you want.

Also, you can enjoy your editable text from image on any device you have.

All you have to do just open the browser in your device and make sure your internet connection is working.

Just Upload an image to the converter and it will generate output extracted text for you.

Safety and Security for Sensitive Information

Imgocr.com never caches images on its server. It performs real-time image to text converter activity to get extracted text from the image and serve to you. Suddenly it destroys the binary image cache.

Imgocr.com also uses (https) secure encrypted image to text converter environment. So, your all sensitive information in screenshot images will be encrypted during transfer.

Must Avoid Common Mistakes by Users

There are some common mistakes that I have noticed from different users' reports while using imgocr.com they might feel output issues.

image to text common mistakes by users

You should keep in mind and avoid the following mistakes:

  • Never enhance or over-edit your images by editing apps
  • Make sure not to add watermarks over the text
  • Avoid writing text on the existing content of the image

Before uploading an image to the queue please make sure of these common mistakes. This will save you a lot of time.

Let’s Sum up

You can now have the power to edit screenshot text online without any restrictions of device, enjoinment, location, or time. You can convert your images into editable text files like text or docx to add more creativity.

You can save your time, effort, and manual work overhead with the automation of digitizing images and hard copy content into editable documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can edit text in a screenshot by make it editable in docx or notepad file. You can achieve this by uploading you screenshotto imgocr.com and it will output you editable text docx output file.

Yes, screenshot usually taken from mobile devices like android and iPhone both could be editable using OCR. You can get extracted text and edit it according to your need.

you need to visit imgocr.com and upload your screenshot image. Using AI OCR technology it will scan text from your screenshot and make its editable docx word file.

You dont need any app. because imgocr.com provide you service to extract text from image and make it editable in few seconds. Give it a try now.