How to Copy Text from WhatsApp Status Like a Pro?

A Detailed guide to copy text from WhatsApp status no matter which device you are using, It Works on desktop, android or iPhone.

How to Copy Text from WhatsApp Status Like a Pro?

Usually, you like a Status Update, and want to copy text from someone else WhatsApp status. Natively you are not able to copy, save, or repost it as text. Because WhatsApp didn't have such kind of feature of textual status.

Here, I will educate you to copy text from WhatsApp to Word document. Because you can edit it independently or repost it on your status. You can also send it as a message to other’s inboxes or share it in groups.

WhatsApp is a commonly used application or, I can say it's now become a part of smooth communication in daily routine. People prefer WhatsApp calling and messaging instead of SMS or GSM calls.

WhatsApp provides many features to make communication easier between people. 'Status' or 'Update' is also one of WhatsApp's features which stay for 24 hours. It contains video, image, or text content to share with your contacts list who use WhatsApp.

Why Copying Text from WhatsApp Status is Useful?

Frequently you visit the status of your friends and family via WhatsApp web, android phone, or iPhone. But WhatsApp officially doesn’t offer any feature to copy the text status of someone else.

Here are some needs of people who want to copy someone's textual status in WhatsApp.

Spread Positivity by Words

In your contacts, someone posted a very positive, uplifting values, motivational, or public service message on his/her status, which you also want to spread in your status update.

Saving Important Information

Someone posted an address of a venue, donation request with bank details, address of the emergency, news alert message, or security threat on status. So, you want to make an editable text of WhatsApp status to share with your friends and family by including your edits.

Educational or Business Update

Some of your office colleagues share information about office holiday announcements, timing changes, salary updates, success stories, hiring for new positions, or any circular memo. In this case, you again felt the need for text to be copied and shared in your status or message.

Challenges in Copying Text from WhatsApp Status

We already know that WhatsApp is a very famous and popular communication application in the world. But as I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t provide a direct button, or menu option to copy text from status. This limitation is frustrating for all desktop, android, and iPhone users.

Here, I have some methods or workaround to make it possible to extract text from WhatsApp status without any limitation.

Step-by-Step: Methods to Copy Text From WhatsApp Status on Any Device

I want to introduce the best tool that helps you to copy text from WhatsApp status. This (www.imgocr.com) is an image to text converter tool that uses OCR to extract text from image.

You can make copy text from any kind of WhatsApp status, like video, image, or textual status. Just make a screenshot of WhatsApp status and upload it to imgOCR. It will extract text from screenshots with clear accuracy.

Key features of imgocr

I want to introduce you to some vibrant features of this tool which will shock you. With the help of this tool, you can:

  • Copy Any language status text
  • Copy text from video status, Image status, or textual status by screenshot
  • Directly share extracted text from WhatsApp status to other apps
  • Save WhatsApp status in an editable Word Document or Notepad text file

Let’s explore more about how to use it on your devices without any problems.

For Web Users to Copy WhatsApp Text Status

Here are some simple steps you can follow to get textual status in editable text, Let’s begin:

web whatsapp status icon

  1. Open your browser and navigate to web.whatsapp.com
  2. Now click on the 'status' icon, and choose any text status

    Choose Whatsapp status to copy text
  3. Click on the 'pause' icon, open the snipping tool to make a screenshot (you can make a screenshot with any tool), and save it to your desktop
    use snipping tool for screenshot

    status pause button in web whatsapp

  4. Pause status and capture a screenshot of content area

    take screenshot of content in status
  5. Now open a new tab and navigate to www.imgocr.com 
  6. Upload to image to the drop area and wait for the validation queue

    upload to imgocr.com and extract text from screenshot
  7. Submit your image and get your extracted text in a few seconds.

    copy text from whatsapp statua extract output
  8. Now you can copy text extracted from WhatsApp status and use it anywhere else.

For Android Users to Copy WhatsApp Text Status

On an Android mobile phone, you have a much easier way to copy text from WhatsApp status because you don’t need to install any app on your Android phone. Let’s move to some easy steps one by one:

copy-text-from-whatsapp android phone method

  1. Open WhatsApp and tap on the updates tab to choose the status you want to copy text
  2. Now take a screenshot of this status by pressing the volume down key + power key at the same time
  3. Open any browser navigate to imgocr.com and upload your image to the queue
  4. It’s OCR will extract text from WhatsApp status screenshot
  5. Now you can copy or share status text in one click

For iPhone Users to Copy WhatsApp Text Status

If you are an iPhone user, you have two methods to copy text from WhatsApp status using your iPhone. Let’s discuss them in steps one by one:

Method 1: Share / Save Feature

  1. Open WhatsApp and tap on the Updates/Status tab
  2. Open any status, tap and hold to get the Share option in the Menu
  3. Now you can share or save this image to your photos
  4. Upload this to imgocr.com after validating the queue it’s ready to submit
  5. It will extract text from iPhone WhatsApp status image, which you can copy now.

copy text from whatsapp iphone ios

Method 2: Screenshot image

  1. You can navigate your WhatsApp status which you want to copy as text
  2. Take screenshots using VolumeUp + Power buttons simultaneously (Note: If your iPhone has a Home button, press the Power button and the Home button simultaneously.)
    Alternatively, If AssistiveTouch is disabled, enable it. Go to Settings, then Accessibility, and navigate to Touch. Turn on AssistiveTouch.
  3. Open the AssistiveTouch menu and select the 'Device' option.
  4. Choose 'More' and then select the 'Screenshot' option.
  5. Now, repeat the same steps as method 1 for imgocr.com uploading and get text to be copied.

That’s how you can copy text from anyone’s status text and use it for yourself.

Respect and Privacy Concerns

Now you know copying text from status is very handy for you, but for humans respect and privacy are the most important aspects. I don’t want to recommend or encourage you to copy other's statuses without permission.

Especially when others’ personal or sensitive information might accidentally be shared on WhatsApp status. You must need to inform him/her to remove or make it private instead of copying or spying on other's privacy.

Tips to copy and sharing Text on WhatsApp Status

Here are some quick tips for you you can make a specific part of the status into text and copy it.

  • Crop WhatsApp Status Screenshot image for a specific part to be converted into editable text to copy
  • Double Check text status before posting to eliminate privacy and sensitive information
  • Set Contact Privacy on your status for selected contact visibility
  • Take permission from someone else for legal or sensitive information sharing on your status

Avoid Common Mistakes Before and After Copy Textual Status

As I mentioned earlier, you need to seek prior permission before posting a status copied from another's status feed. Especially when there is personal mention, legal advice or content, personal information, or sensitive details about some person. This will show your respective behavior as well as keep you saved from any legal action.

Also, before posting copied content on your WhatsApp status, make sure there is no sensitive information, humiliating content, or hate speech for another person. Because you are responsible for what you have posted on your WhatsApp status.


In short, now you have the power to copy text from WhatsApp status on any device including Android and iOS. Just be respectful toward other’s privacy of content. Take responsibility for your shared content and check before posting on status to ensure content safety. Share this guide with your friends and family to educate them about this topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can save image or video status using status saver app. You can also take screenshot of status and extract text from it using www.imgocr.com free OCR tool.

You need to create a screenshot of WhatsApp status from where you want to copy text, upload that screenshot to imgocr.com and get copy or shareable output text.

You can save WhatsApp status by tap a hold to get more options menu select on save to album. It will be saved in your photos. But in future maybe WhatsApp disable this feature.

You don’t need to install any app or extension in your device, just open www.imgocr.com in your browser and upload screenshot of WhatsApp status to get text to copy.